August 24, 2014 additions

   A smaller number of additions this quarter; about thirty. This hiding the fact that, in a near future, we may be able to publish an important fund: several hundreds black & white photographs by Jean-Paul Barry. They were taken around 1962-1963 showing Maa, Sré and Lat people on the side of three documentary films made by Jacques Fabre and himself: En pays Màa - documentaire sur les techniques des Màa and.Oh ! mère Paddy - documentaire sur la culture du paddy but also the less-known Ethno-botanique de la région de Dalat.

  • This is indeed around the last documentary, not shown at the time due to Georges Condominas' objection (because of the dubious choice of  the soundtrack's musical accompaniment done by the editor) that we publish a first sample of 27 documents, all shot in the surroundings of mount Lang Bian on the lands of the Lat wet-rice cultivators. You can retrieve them by selecting Barry, Jean-Paul in the author field of the multicriteria search.
  • Our quaterly best choice now. We selected this portrait of Y Thu, the famous Khunjonob, master of Ban Don and its elephants, whom Roland Dorgelès in 1925 described rather similarly to what is shown on our photograph: "in spite of his title, in spite of his decoration, in spite of his white jacket and its golden embroideries, goes to side with the Mô, the average assistants, the beginners and he must wait after all the hunters to get close to the jar. He only successfully managed a small capture and all take precedence over him, the Bak-Siay, who already brought back five elephants, to the great pakams who captured more than a hundred.".