August, 7, 2011 additions

Some sixty documents added:

  • Did you see our indexed videos and radio programs? Now close to thirty; the easiest way to list them all: go to multicriteria search and select "video" in the series dropdown list.
  • We also list a lot of documents on the city of Dalat. We selected it as an example of ex-nihilo urban phenomenon completely unrelated to the heart of Montagnard life. These documents are not displayed by default. To see them, one needs to tick Dalat Documents in the multicriteria search or select one of the dedicated series, for example Dalat_before_1927.
  • And ending today, the photograph of this nice looking somewhat desoriented young couple surrounded by no less than four young children and a dog. My quaterly favorite!

 Don't forget that you can comment on the documents by registering. Have a nice summer!