July 31, 2016 additions

   Yes, another time we missed the last announcement of new additions in April; they were numerous, nonetheless: more than 120. This quarter, we doubled the amount: more than 250!

   Among which a new batch by Jean-Paul Barry, in colour this time. When the whole of this fund will be on the site, it will become second in size. An exemple of this work, more than often following a parallel line with the B/W photos is one of the B'Tong series.

   And now, our favorite document of the quarter: a group of four men stopping on the side of a road, with strictly the same attitude, right hand holding a pipe and left hand on the handle of an axe. A pure example of the reiteration principle, very often used in photography.

   Next time, we will disclose an important discovery we made recently. So come back regularly to visit the site!