November 1, 2016 additions

   More than 280 additions this quarter, mainly colour photographs made by Jean-Paul Barry. This collection now becomes one of the most important shown on our site and should count more than 1000 documents, when it will be fully integrated. Among them, the series on shelling and threading, related to one of the sequences of the documentary En pays Mâa - coutumes et techniques du pays Maa'. It should be noted that we started to reorganise several series from this collection along their probable shooting order. One gets a near cinematic feeling when the photos are shot in a close sequence.

   Our quaterly favorite is the discovery we mentioned in our last entry. This is a photograph taken by Georges Devereux, the famous founder of ethnopsychiatry. It dates from 1935, shot in Sédang country, and is one of the few that emerged for this period. You wish to know more? Ask the webmaster webmaster<at>

   Happy browsing!