September 27, 2015 additions

   We are a month late telling you about this quarter's addition; delay due to the new version of our website. We nonetheless are pleased to inform you about the availability of a new important fund, nearly 1000 documents big, from Jean-Paul Barry. Important not only because of its size but also because it links with the production of three documentaries of the early 1960s' that can be said to be deeply inspired by the late Jean Boulbet (1926-2007), the famous French ethnologist, especially of the Cau Maa.

  • This quarter, we put online 150 photos taken by Jean-Paul Barry at the Maa Coop village of B'Tong. In 1962-63, time of these photos, B'Tong had been recently christianised under the guidance of Father Moriceau, from the Missions Étrangères de Paris. You can see him directing the outdoor Easter mass of 1963
  • Our quaterly selection: Jean Boulbet (right) and cameraman Jacques Fabre filming one of the B'Tong ironsmiths.

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