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Two men wearing their best traditional outfit mixed with European elements: belts, shoes, socks, forage caps, kepi and military medals. A smiling young white soldier between them
     collection Internet     Series.: action_hre
 Ref.: 2279Author: Reuille, Gilbert
 Shooting date: between February 1948 and June 1950In: Kontum
 Ethnic group: BahnarPublisher: site Philippe Millour
 Medium: Ã©lectroniqueSize: 650 x 464
 Interest: 4/4Describers: 16
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Yesterday, an old man from Kon Klor village recognized the man on the left of the photo. He said he was Bok (Mr) Yut from Kontum Kopong village, now in the suburbs of Kontum town. This man was long deceased.