February 11, 2012 additions

The largest addition to date; about a hundred documents added:

  • A welcome increase in our number of early photographs of the uplands populations is provided by the indexation of related images from an institutional website about the French explorer Pavie put out by the ANOM (French Overseas National Archives in Aix-en-Provence) at http://pavie.culture.fr/home.php?lg=en.The best way to see them all is to go to the multicriteria search at /?q=en/fetch-mult then, select as Publisher "site internet du CAOM" ("CAOM website") and "before" in Date, then input "1905/01/01" in the first date input field. The 39 images indexed should appear. I really enjoy that one: http://pavie.culture.fr/mediatheque.php?rubrique_id=64.
  • The indexation of external images from the website http://philippe.millour.free.fr/Photos/index.html created by Philippe Millour, nephew of a former French soldier, Maurice Millour, who took part in the "Indochina War" on the uplands in the zone East of Kontum that came to be well-known from René Riesen's book Jungle Mission. Incidentally, I, as part of a group of Bahnar-French friends, went nearby recently and you will find contemporary pictures at /?q=en/see-serie&serie=Kon_Braih. We hiked along a trail known as "the French trail" where the locally-dreaded leaches abound. 
  • We are working on reshaping our Home page. It will feature three new elements that should, we hope, enliven and clarify a first approach to the site. Several people told us that they had a hard time figuring what the site was about and where to find the information we claimed to have. A concise introductory note will highlight the main features of the site. The new search block, allowing to do a simple research in the documents database will reappear on the front page, topped with a block showing a document randomly picked in the database. Let us know what you think about this new setup by writing to webmaster<at>uplands.info.