to start, who are the Montagnards?

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3/6 - Figures and dates
    The number of image documents before 1965 can be roughly estimated at several tens of thousands. This figure becomes multiplied at least by ten with the arrival on Indochinese uplands of American troops followed by modern means of communications.
This site endeavours to regroup some thousands of documents, whereby it would be on a level with the institutions possessed of the most notable specialized collections on the subject. We hope thus to collect a sample significant of the production of images in all its aspects.
   Here is a tentative chronology of the history of representation of Montagnards:

  • Earliest representation on the walls of Khmer temples (Angkor Thom, 12th century)
  • Earliest mention of name "kemoïs" on a French map of 1686 (based on a 1631 document by Jesuit C. Borri))
  • First engravings representing Stieng people by Henri Mourot, 1863
  • First photographs: 1866 or 1873, Émile Gsell’s (member of Garnier-Doudart de Lagrée expedition) "Sauvages Laotiens”
  • First postcards: early 20th Century (before 1903)
  • First fiction movie: Henri de la Falaise’s Kliou, The Killer, 1936
  • First document written by a Montagnard in the 1940s (see Revue Éducation n°16 de 1949)
  • "Sauvages Laotiens" by Émile Gsell
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