May 31st, 2013 additions

Can you guess the number of new documents added this quarter?

  • More than fifty photographs from Jean-Dominique Lajoux added among which this frightening photo of a woman wounded by a tiger (she survived, having been carried to the Pleiku hospital by the author)
  • An interview of the same Jean-Dominique Lajoux by a young Bahnar woman from Kontum province, Rose Angkhei. She has also given us some photos she took; they will appear in a future update of the site.
  • My favorite document of this quarter: a photo of a curious plant with nine folioles. A friend amateur botanist thinks that it may show a Schefflera (from the Araliacea family). Can you recognize it?

If you had to suffer from weather hardships, may these pictures of subtropical uplands soothe you a bit!