On this website, you can search our database, know the new additions, watch galeries made by users and read biographies and general information on images of the original uplands inhabitants.

Virtual Media library of the upland populations of Cambodia, Laos and Viêt Nam

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   This site hopes to be a beginning to an independent cultural centre for Southeast Asian populations that currently have not got any. We intend to associate a patrimonial gathering (in countries having had in the past strong local involvement such as France and the United States of America), a collection of contemporary productions and thoughts about the past, present and future of these South East Asian massif uplands indigenous groups.

   This, first, to allow members of these groups, now citizens of three neighbouring countries (Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam), to take back documents from their past mostly unavailable to them. Then to allow all people interested in the survival and future of these original forms of civilisation, to know these human groups better and bring them a well needed support in these times of drastic evolution of their living conditions and environment.

   We propose that you join us, especially if you are a member of their diaspora or if you have documents you wish to publish and compare to those already gathered here. Do not hesitate to contact us and ask for an access code.

Disclaimer: This site includes some historical materials that may imply negative representations or stereotypes of the peoples discussed in the documents. These documents have been included as part of the historical record and should not be interpreted to mean that site staff endorse or approve of the representations or stereotypes implied.