November 11, 2011 additions

Some fifty documents added:

  • A new contributor who honours us by joining our collections and all the more significant since she is a young Bahnar photographer from the Kon Tum Province. She provides us with a few welcome shots showing the current life of ethnic minorities from her province; a period still in small numbers in our collections. See her photos in the Kon Braih series .
  • A strange scene from the early 20th century, tragic for the elephant lovers, where one pachyderm confronts a train (and seemed to have lost a leg doing so, with probable deadly results). The train did not make it! . A certainly unique case of "elephant resistance" to colonisation...
  • We have also integrated in our database contemporary photos by Tod Anthony Ragsdale. These documents were indexed by our site since its beginning, but were actually located on another site now disappeared. Thank you Tod for sharing your photos with us
  • We removed the search block from the site top banner since it brought too many confusions. A lot of visitors assumed that it allowed to search in the documents database where it only searched in the static text pages instead. We remind you that to search our documents, you need to select the Images menu, then "Search...".

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