Flood in other districts of Kon Tum province-part 4

Flood in other districts of Kon Tum province - October 2020

The bridge is swept away by the flood in Dak PoNe commune, Kon Braih district (Southeast of Kon Tum province)
   This is the main metal bridge connecting DaK PoNe commune with the centre of Kon Braih district. Because the bridge was destroyed, some 1,500 people (most of them ethnic "Bahnar" from three villages: Kon Tuk, Kon Gol and Kon Gop) were totally isolated. You can watch the video about this bridge being swept away with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9d9td3Z9-aE&

During the same time, destruction of another bridge connecting Kon Bdeh and Kon Tuh villages with Dak Ruong commune, in Kon Braih district.

Besides, other bridges were damaged or collapsed in Kon Tum province...

This bridge in Dak Psi commune, Dak Ha district, collapsed in two parts.

This collapsed bridge is in Dak Ko Duong, Dak Psi commune, Dak Ha district.

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