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Blao - Juillet 1959
Légende : Blao - Juillet 1959
Enfants devant un kiosque à boissons vietnamien (vue de côté). Un homme se tient derrière le vendeur
     fonds Roger Chazal     Série : kiosque
 Réf. : 335Auteur : Chazal, Roger
 Date : juillet 1959 ?Lieu : B'lao
 Ethnie : InconnueÉditeur : site
 Support : diapositiveFormat : 3,3 x 2,3
 Intérêt : 4/4Descripteurs : 7
Tous droits réservés - Jean-Pierre Chazal



I see fruits on the ground staying near the seller's kiosk at the left of the first boy with red hat and brown shirt. Some people think it is the seller's fruit supply, but I propose another explanation: I suggest that may be the father (who can be seen behind the Vietnamese seller through the line of children) with the help of another man and four boys carried the bananas and the coconuts from the forest around Bao Loc to sell them to this Kinh fuit juice seller.They may have got some drinks on top of the moeny in exchange for fruits, as the second man can be seen drinking from a glass on the other photo of the series.What do you think of my idea?